Find the reason for the oil foam

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روغن پِلَنِت الف
جولای 2, 2018
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Find the reason for the oil foam

How do maintenance and repair forces find the root cause of oil spills?

The floor may look harmless, but if not repaired, it can cause serious damage to machinery. When the oil is exposed to the air, the foam will soon appear on the surface of the sample. Low air levels are not uncommon in oil, especially in products such as gearbox oils that are induced. But if it reaches more air oil, air bubbles will also reach the surface of the sample. Depending on the level of surface arousal, these bubbles burst or remain foamy.

Plug-ins like plug-ins help split bubbles and keep floor levels low. If the reaction with the air is not controlled, the foam will also become inefficient. Surface arousal will increase in the presence of contaminants such as water, dry particles, grease, and detergents and soaps. In some cases, the design of systems and equipment will cause the oil to react more with the air.

Floor and bubble values ​​are not a concern. However, if the floor surface is not taken care of and the initial amount is not returned or the oil level in the machine is reduced due to the presence of foam, there are big problems. Once you have inspected the sensitive floor surface in the oils, report it and be sure to follow up. If you are looking for the root of this phenomenon, there are three possibilities:

Sample contamination The level of Kefizda plugins Technical and mechanical problems of tools and equipment

Ocular observation or oil analysis should be performed to detect any increase in specific contamination in the product. Increased water content or the number of particles are often the main reasons for the formation of foam and bubbles. Updating these observational data over time will determine whether the increase in pollutants is directly related to the problem of oil flooring.

The level of flooring additives also becomes low and useless over time. This is achieved through oil analysis; Comparing the results of the amount of released air and testing the strength of the floor with the basic samples. Make sure that the foam pads are carefully homogenized to the original oil composition. Therefore, a sharp increase or decrease in the level of the plug will lead to an intensification of the foam in the oil.

Finally, keep in mind that the reaction with the air gets worse when the oil is too hot. The suction pipes located in front of the hydraulic pumps also cause air to be drawn in through the holes in the junction, suction inlet or any other inlet point.

Once you find the cause of the oil foam, you can take steps to reduce it and reduce its negative impact on your equipment and devices.

Translation: Tamin Ravankar Dayan Company

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