Why Dayanoilco?

  • Direct importer of reputable global brands such as Shell, Mobil, Total and ...
  • The exclusive representative of Petroffer Germany, a specialist lubricant specializing in steel and metallurgy
  • The leading representative of domestic companies and the possibility of delivery of goods, the door of the refinery manufacturer
  • The supplier of the most comprehensive basket of industrial lubricants
  • Providing technical consulting services and holding free training courses
  • Location of foreign exchange products, delivery in customs as well as international inspection and inspection
  • Provide imported products along with testing and analysis of goods authenticity
  • Equipped with 3 indoor and outdoor storage facilities and advanced storage and storage facilities, and permanent inventory of most products in warehouses, along with high-speed operation in delivering and delivering goods.
  • Provide appropriate after-sales service

Commercial brands provided by Dayan's lubricant supply

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Dayan lubricant supply sales of industrial and diesel oils from reputable brands such as Shell, Mobil, Nynas, Petrofer, Total