Solid or semi-solid products that result from the disintegration of a hardening agent in a fluidizing agent in a lubricant fluid, and usually contain additional excipients that give special properties to the grease. Firming agent acts as a carrier agent for lubricants. And helps to lubricate the lubricant. Therefore, the main difference between lubricants and oils is the presence of a hardening agent. The quality and quality of the lubricant depends on the type and amount of clay, additives, and base oil characteristics as well as the production process of the dependence Germs generally contain 65% to 95% by weight of base oil, 5% to 35% of solids, and 0% to 10% by weight of added They are classified according to the type of base oil (mineral, synthetic, vegetable), the type of hardening agent (metal soap, polymers, minerals) and the degree of consistency and stiffness.

Introduction to Dayan Grease

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Pars Oil

Total Oil

Shell Oil

Mobil Oil

Behran Oil