Gear oil

Gear oil

The purpose of lubrication of gears and the use of gear lubricants, preventing slip between the teeth and separating the metal surfaces, reducing the coefficient of friction and wear, preventing corrosion, preventing deformation, reducing noise during operation, easily switching gear at low operating temperatures For automatic gears, it improves heat transfer, provides soft and easy conditions for the power transfer of the thrusters, and ultimately increases the life span of the gears. The VASCASIN or oil gear box is lubricated to lubricate the moving parts in the gearbox, differential and box The car command is used. This lubricant has low viscosity and sufficient compatibility with the metals in the box. One of the oils used in the vehicle is the lubricant or vaskazin. Ruscanic is the word for the germ oil. These oils are used in gearboxes and differential vehicles, and are different from motor oils. The gear oil has special additives that protect the gear against pressure. Differential gear oil Due to the tougher conditions, the gearbox gear oil must be stronger. These oils are classified as motor oils based on the quality of the API (API) and viscosity.

Introduction to Dayan gear oil

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