Petrofer Germany – ۷۰ Years of Experience, 1200 type of lubricants and chemicals

Petrofer range of products are from industrial oil to the specific chemicals consuming in different industries such as: Steel, Die cast, Forging, Heat treatment, Wire drawing. Having sales distribution channels in all 5 continents, Petrofer customer have easy access to the product and services in shortest possible time


Petrofer Competitive Advantages for Iranian End users:

۱۰ Days Ex-work Delivery- 48 Hours DDP from Tehran Stock

Petrofer competitive advantages for Iranian end users despite of quality and competitive prices is easy access to the Izmir-Turkey plant of Petrofer Germany. Inside Iran territory, Dayan Oil co is the exclusive representative of Petrofer which has stocked the most consumable of Iranian end users inside country for ease of access and safety to ensure in 24-7 they have access to their inquiry