Inform that the company's location has been changed to the following address since 07/December/2022: Unit1, No14, Edalat St, Yasaman Square, Daneshjo Boulevard, Velenjak, Tehran, Iran. Tel: +98-2178152000

about us
As the leading and largest private company in supplying diesel, industrial and specialized lubricants, Tamin Ravankar dayan Company is proud to review the capabilities and portfolio of products and services that we have fortunately taken every year to complete.
  • Ability to supply all products of world-renowned brands, including:
  • - All the mentioned brands have the possibility of providing in Rials, foreign exchange and in any of the following conditions:
  • Possibility of selling as a special proforma for customers and providing warranty until delivery of goods and documents in Iranian customs
    Possibility of inspection (INSPECTION) outside Iran
  • Always a group of different goods of the mentioned brands, due to the very appropriate volume of activity of this company in the country's customs, is being cleared, which can be visited with coordination if desired.
  • Ability to supply the most specialized compressor oils from the following brands with all previous obligations

Why Dayanoilco?

  • Direct importer of reputable global brands such as Shell, Mobil, Total and ...
  • The exclusive representative of Petroffer Germany, a specialist lubricant specializing in steel and metallurgy
  • The leading representative of domestic companies and the possibility of delivery of goods, the door of the refinery manufacturer
  • The supplier of the most comprehensive basket of industrial lubricants
  • Providing technical consulting services and holding free training courses
  • Location of foreign exchange products, delivery in customs as well as international inspection and inspection
  • Provide imported products along with testing and analysis of goods authenticity
  • Equipped with 3 indoor and outdoor storage facilities and advanced storage and storage facilities, and permanent inventory of most products in warehouses, along with high-speed operation in delivering and delivering goods.
  • Provide appropriate after-sales service

Dayan Product

Petrofer Germany – ۷۰ Years of Experience, 1200 type of lubricants and chemicals
Petrofer range of products are from industrial oil to the specific chemicals consuming in different industries such as: Steel, Die cast, Forging, Heat treatment, Wire drawing. Having sales distribution channels in all 5 continents, Petrofer customer have easy access to the product and services in shortest possible time
Petrofer Competitive Advantages for Iranian End users:
۱۰ Days Ex-work Delivery- 48 Hours DDP from Tehran Stock Petrofer competitive advantages for Iranian end users despite of quality and competitive prices is easy access to the Izmir-Turkey plant of Petrofer Germany. Inside Iran territory, Dayan Oil co is the exclusive representative of Petrofer which has stocked the most consumable of Iranian end users inside country for ease of access and safety to ensure in 24-7 they have access to their inquiry

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Dayan lubricant supply sales of industrial and diesel oils from reputable brands such as Shell, Mobil, Nynas, Petrofer, Total

Additive and Base oil

Dayan oil is an Iranian trading company specialized in supplying industrial and engine lubricants, greases, oil additives and base oil since early 1980s. Dayan base stock &oil additives department, during its presence in a market, has been achieved to supply more than 70% of local oil producers with additive packages and base oil. Dayan s product range for oil additives and base oils include: Oil additives packages for: All APls of Gasoline Engine Oils All Apls of Diesel Engine oil All Quality of Industrial Oils :Oil Additives components TBN Boosters Pour Point Depressants ZDDPs Anti-Oxidants & Corrosions Other components

Commercial brands provided by Dayan's lubricant supply