Additive and Base oil

Dayan oil is an Iranian trading company specialized in supplying industrial and engine lubricants, greases, oil additives and base oil since early 1980s.

Dayan base stock &oil additives department, during its presence in a market, has been achieved to supply more than 70% of local oil producers with additive packages and base oil.

Dayan s product range for oil additives and base oils include:

Oil additives packages for:

   All APls of Gasoline Engine Oils

   All Apls of Diesel Engine oil

   All Quality of Industrial Oils


:Oil Additives components

 TBN Boosters

 Pour Point Depressants


 Anti-Oxidants & Corrosions

Other components


:Base oils

I Base Oil Group I including SN150, SN500, SN650

II Base Oil Group II includingN180, N350

III Base Oil Group II including 4cst, 6cat

IV PAOs and Esters

Dayan is the premier distributor of Industrial & Diesel oil, base stock &Oil Additives in Iran territory, also well-known and biggest distributor of Iran s four governmental oil manufacturers product.

Our company is located in Tehran and enjoying more than 10000 m2 warehouse and more than 45 sales & office staff.

Dayan has been supplying and providing oil additive packages form the most authentic international source.