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May 20, 2020
Gas oil
May 20, 2020
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Solid or semi-solid products are the result of the dispersion of a hardening agent in a lubricating fluid in a lubricating liquid and usually include other additives that give the greases special properties. It carries the oil and helps the oil to lubricate, so the main difference between grease and oils is the presence of a hardening agent.The characteristics and quality of grease depend on the type and amount of hardener, additives and specifications of the base oil as well as the production process. Grays generally contain 65% to 95% by weight of base oil, 5% to 35% by weight of hardeners 0% to 10% by weight of additives. Grades are classified according to the type of base oil (mineral, synthetic, vegetable), the type of hardener (metal soap, deposits, minerals) and the degree of consistency and firmness. To.

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