Opportunity to Supply Original Brands – Supplying SHELL products from authentic sources  & Exclusive Distribution of Petrofer 

Opportunity to Supply Original Brands



No 12, 8th St, South Pirouzan St, Hormozan St, Shahrak Gharb, Tehran, Iran

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Dayan’s Base Stock & Oil Additives Department began its professional activity since 2014.

Dayan has been supplying and providing oil additives from the most authentic international sources.

This Company is the distributor of products of Petroleum Technology company with the brand of Roll–X, Evonik company with Viscoplex brand and the great Rhein Chemie company of Germany with RC brand.

In addition to supplying oil additives, Dayan also provides base oils, which names mentioned as below:

          I.            Base Oil Group I including SN150,SN 500,SN 650

        II.            Base Oil Group II including N180,N 350

      III.            Base Oil Group III

      IV.            POA and Esters

Since base oil, which is generated from refinement of petroleum, doesn’t contain required specifications for usage of engines and machinery, it needs some materials as additives to be added in order to provide convenient features. Some of the main oil additives which Dayan provides are:

·         Oil Additives Package

·         Viscosity Index Improver Additives

·         Pour Point Depressant Additives

·         Anti-Foam Additives

·         Cleaners and Dispersant Additives

·         Antioxidant Additives

·         Anti-Abrasion Additive

·         Anti-Corrosion Additives

·         Other Additives like Emulsifiers and Demulsifiers


Some of the products of this company for different quality types of engine and industrial lubricants:


o   Engine Oil Lubricants quality levels SC/CC-SJ/CD

Roll - XP 124

o   Engine Oil Lubricants quality level SG,SJ,SL

Roll – XP269

o   Engine Oil Lubricants quality level SM                                              

Roll – XP268

o   Diesel Engine Oil Lubricants quality level CC/SC, CD/CF               

Roll – XP188

o   Diesel Engine Oil Lubricants quality level Cl-4/SL                            

Roll – XP138

o   Diesel Engine Oil Lubricants quality level CH - 4/SJ, CG-4/SJ

Roll – XP154

o   TBN Booster 400                                                                                  

Roll – XC142

o   ZZDP                                                                                                        

Roll – XC306

o   Pour Point Depressant (PPD)                                                             

LX – 250

o   Pour Point Depressant (PPD)                                                              

Viscoplex 1-256

o   Pour Point Depressant (PPD)                                                              

Viscoplex 1-330

o   Viscosity Index Improver (Vii)                                                              

Viscoplex 4-677

o   Hydraulic Lubricants Additives                                                            

RC  9200

o   Turbine, Compressor and Gear Additives                                          

RC 9321





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